Time Commitment and Fees

Private Senior and Executive Level Coaching

If you are serious about making the time and financial commitment to achieving your goals, I offer you a complimentary session to get a sense of my coaching style and how we might work together.

Studies have shown that behavioral changes take at least 9-12 weeks to be anchored. I ask clients to commit to two months of coaching work, with either two or three 60 minute sessions a month either in person or by phone. We can also have emails and short calls in between as needed.

Basic Outline of Coaching Process:

First Month: Primarily assessing your skills, strengths, opportunities and limitations or obstacles. For career coaching, we will use careful decision- making techniques to identify two clear career paths for you to research to decide on the optimal one. I will leverage my considerable network to help you obtain informational interviewing contacts and potential job leads. 

Second Month: Focusing on developing a concrete vision along with strategic and tactical steps as well as an action plan. Once you have identified your optimal career path, we will create a plan to help you secure the position or next step that will provide financial and professional fulfillment.

We will also help you increase your confidence, learn to tone down your inner critical voices, and turn up your “wiser” voices so you engage in your transition with enthusiasm and trust in your resources and talents. We may also tailor your resume and LinkedIn profile to reflect your strengths and re-position your experience so it fits your new career target. We will also provide interviewing and job hunt tips and organizers. 

If you are thinking about an entrepreneurial path, we will evaluate whether this is the best path for you, what business options will be optimal (you don’t have to come up with a new idea to succeed!) and begin a realistic and focused business plan. We will help you eliminate

Third Month: Anchoring behavioral shifts, removing any internal or external barriers, or external  securing resources, executing your action plan and planning future steps. During your job hunt, I will review your marketing collateral as you connect with recruiters, potential employers

With this coaching model, you hire me as your coach by the month and have access to my services throughout. The fee for each month is either:

$425-550 for young professionals or unemployed individuals; $625 for mid-level and senior professionals. These packages include two 1- hour long sessions with email, text and phone in between, or $650-$750 for three sessions with email, text and phone in between.

Fees are payable each month at the beginning of the month. Mastercard and Visa are accepted, and some coaching fees may be tax deductible in conjunction with career transitions.

For clients who do not need Executive or Senior Level Coaching, I have highly skilled associates available. They have been extensively trained in my distinct coaching method. Fees for their services per month range from: $400-450 for two sessions with email, text and phone in between and $525-$575 for three sessions with email, text and phone in between.

Individual Relationship Coaching

Individual relationship coaching sessions are available for $175 per session.

Coaching sessions are insight and action oriented. Your success is a worthwhile investment!   Email me to arrange your phone or in-person complimentary session today!