Career Coaching

Envision and embrace your ideal worklife!

My clients often comment that my positive outlook, enthusiasm and problem solving skills help them increase their motivation and focus as well as obtain their ideal job! Even in today’s tough market, my clients are securing their ideal positions! In today’s challenging job market, it’s critical to make sure you stand out from the crowd and be on top of your job search and interviewing skills. Get the competitive edge you need with an experienced job search coach by your side!

I enjoy sharing my extensive network, wisdom, strategic planning skills and business expertise to accelerate my client’s success.

I have extensive experience in these phases of career exploration and management:

  • Inventorying and championing client’s skills and accomplishments
  • Identifying client’s ideal manager, colleagues, job preferences and environment
  • Creating a personal brand and comprehensive marketing campaign
  • Maximizing job search technology, social media, recruiters and company contacts
  • Repositioning experience to enter existing or new job markets
  • Navigating fears and obstacles to job transition, networking and informational interviewing
  • Increasing confidence and skill in behavioral interviewing
  • Managing ADD/ADHD or other executive functioning issues
  • Writing compelling resumes and cover letters that get interviews and results
  • Negotiating salary and benefits with employee agreements

I am tremendously excited about the success my clients have experienced as a result of career coaching! Often, the most multi-talented people have the hardest time with career satisfaction, or they have not really explored the career choice that will give them the most fulfillment. We can work together to carefully choose the path will reflect your personality and skills.

Together we will:

  • Clarify your values, and determine your formula for career success.
  • Identify seven key qualities that are essential for you to be satisfied, including:
    • defining your ideal manager
    • colleagues
    • work culture
    • and using your key strengths and talents
  • Determine the optimal career path to accommodate your professional, intrinsic, environmental, and financial needs, so you look forward to going to work.
    Clarify your priorities, so you can screen out less than optimal opportunities.
  • Help you learn to trust your intuition and “wiser side” instead of your critical voices so you overcome the fear of success or failure.
  • Negotiate any obstacles along the way that could prevent you from reaching your goals.
  • Expand your vision to create bigger, more exciting goals.
  • Develop your resume, interviewing, and networking skills.

Career Tips

1. The clearer you are about what you want, the easier it will be to go after it. Identify the qualities that are essential for your career satisfaction, then look for a position where you will find those qualities.

2. Know what you bring to a potential employer or position. Gather information about what makes you unique and valuable.

3. Our egos, or inner critical voice, always tell us to go for the money, status, that we aren’t qualified, we couldn’t really do that, that we should please our parents or others. It is important to learn to tune out this voice, and listen to what you truly want.

4. Determine the maximum commute, and realistic minimum salary you need when looking for your next position. Create a budget that will reflect your priorities.

5. Many people do not find their jobs through employment ads. People are most likely to find their next position though networking, on-line social networking sites like LinkedIn, and informational interviewing. There are a variety of methods to increase your skills in these areas, coaching being one of the most effective ways.

6. If unemployed, create a supportive network to keep you focused on your talents and strengths. Keep your motivation active, and your skills current by joining comittees, or volunteering in civic or political arenas. Act on positive feedback from others to improve your written and oral presentations.